Milwaukie Public Safety Foundation

Supporting public safety in Milwaukie.

The Foundation

The Milwaukie Public Safety Foundation began in 2008 as a non-profit organization to help the Milwaukie Police Department reinstate and sustain our local police K-9 unit. In that year our first tracking dog, Jag, was purchased. We purchased our second dog, Yago, in 2011. We were also given a narcotics dog, Shaka, who retired in July, 2015. Yago has now retired and was replaced by Bo, who unfortunately was a little too friendly towards the bad guys. Bo came with a warranty and was replaced by Hank, who is now the operational K9 in Milwaukie.

Milwaukie Police K9 Unit

The major fund-raiser for this program is our annual 9-K For K-9 Walk held each July. It has become quite a popular community activity, raising enough funding to purchase Yago and Bo/Hank and now Benz at no cost to the City of Milwaukie, and now we are saving for the day Benz retires.

In 2022 the K9 Walk will be on August 27th in Downtown Milwaukie.

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Milwaukie C.E.R.T.

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Bike Giveaway

This project started when Officer Billy Wells came up with an idea to use unclaimed lost children’s bike accumulating in MPD property store. The police department must hold the abandoned property for a designated period of time. The police property room was overflowing with unclaimed bicycles. With no known owners the bikes would eventually be discarded and Officer Wells suggested that they be given to children, attending Milwaukie schools, in time for the summer vacation.

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